7 Priceless highlights from the Oklahoma ADDY Awards

The Oklahoma Advertising Awards Gala, a.k.a. the ADDYs, was hosted this weekend in Oklahoma City at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center. Here, advertisers, marketers, designers and creative agencies gathered for the annual event to celebrate and award local companies for the remarkable campaigns they created in 2015. Complete with an SNL booth and a spicy 90’s DJ to wrap up the night, the ADDYs was a night to remember.

Freestyle joined in on the fun. We were there not only to support local companies and their extremely talented campaigns, but also to support our team leader, Vahid Farzaneh, as a final candidate for the 2016 Young Advertising Professional of the Year award. The winner of this award went to STAPLEGUN’s VP of Development and close friend of Freestyle, Eric Worrell. We’re very proud of both Eric and Vahid for representing the Oklahoma advertising community; they deserve all the praise they received over the weekend.

Check out which ADDY Award winners were our favorites from each category:

  1. Sales & Marketing: Goad Abode Inc. — Coop Ale Works

This busy yet sleek design by Goad Abode Inc. for Coop Ale Works seasonal Oktoberfest beer is one that cannot be dismissed. The beer can’s label features a uniform pattern, fall colors and a clean design. Coop is known for having eye-catching labels on their locally crafted cans. This label is a good representation of the marketing and ideas that Coop shines brighter than other local beers.

  1. Print Advertising: Jordan Advertising — Oklahoma Film & Music

Jordan Advertising successfully created an ad for Oklahoma Film & Music by mixing the bluest of blues to throw yourself into an imagination bubble. They show the importance of imagination and how it can boost your power to create remarkable films. Using a local photo from Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma, the sketch of a ship glides across the picture and compliments the text above.

  1. Out-of-Home & Ambient Media: studiotwentysix2 — OU School of Art & Art History

The structure of this recruitment poster created for the OU School of Art & Art History is beyond eye-pleasing. The cheeky red complimented with a faded black makes for a contemporary poster that not only sends the message of boldness but also provides information about the OU School of Art & Art History in a gorgeous, modern fashion.

  1. Online/Interactive: Ackerman McQueen — Adventure Road

The Adventure Road website created by Ackerman McQueen pleasantly captured the beauty of Oklahoma by projecting it onto a clean and modern-looking website. The photo-heavy background with light text overlay complimented each other in a way that outshines other websites. With easy maneuvering around the website, this campaign could attract visitors to seek the hidden adventures across Oklahoma.

  1. Film, Video & Sound: Hilti — Hilti Rotating Lasers

Hilti had our hearts racing with their commercial for their rotating, shock-absorbing lasers. These lasers were especially designed to adapt to any damage they come across. Hilti began the commercial by showing how accidents happen on the job, leaving the rotating laser to be shattered by the ground. In a surprise twist, Hilti relieved us of the pressure of accidents by representing the well-equipped laser they have recently engineered to survive all accidents.

  1. Cross Platform: VI Marketing and Branding— Oklahoma City: The Boom, the Bust, and the Bomb

The comprehensive timeline of Oklahoma City is explained in this local documentary. Through the hardships that Oklahoma City encountered during 1970 to 1995, being able to visualize Oklahoma City’s history in a realistic form is intense. The marketing for this film complimented the historic style of the film itself. Text identical to news headlines sits on a background of dusty colored paper making a historic-looking poster. The trailer for this documentary left us wanting to learn of the trials and tribulations that define the pride of Oklahoma City citizens.

  1. Elements of Advertising: Shevaun Williams & Associates Commercial Photography — OKC Ballet

The movement of this photo captures grace and connection between two dancers. Black and white photos often hold a lot of power and emotion and this photo does just that. The OKC ballet is portrayed in such a visually pleasing way with this photograph and was a well-deserved winner of this still photography category.

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