Central Plaza Q&A

Central Plaza Q&A

What is FISTA?

The Fires Innovation Science & Technology Accelerator (FISTA) is a group spearheading the major new development within the Lawton Central Mall. In conjunction with the City of Lawton, FISTA is focused on bringing innovative and high tech companies to the retail space.

What is the purpose behind the Central Plaza mall’s rebrand?

The rebrand symbolizes a turning point for the Lawton shopping center toward enhancing retail opportunities and attracting new companies. Part of an extensive renovation project, the rebrand of the Lawton Central Mall to Central Plaza elevates the mall toward the upcoming changes.

How did you approach rebranding the mall to Central Plaza and who was involved?

We approached the rebrand holistically – we gathered a team of community leaders to participate in market research and surveys, while finding similarities and differences between Central Plaza/FISTA and nationwide Innovation Parks. We asked vital questions such as:

  1. What words resonate with the perception of your brand?
  2. How do our customers feel after interacting with us (tenants, community leaders, general public)?
  3. What values does this brand project?
  4. How are we different? 
  5. What does revitalization mean for you and your community? And more!

The responses were vital and gave us a fantastic visual of not only who Central Plaza is but who they’re striving to be and how we can make sure the pieces fit and tell the right story.

Tell us about the meaning behind any design elements (colors, shapes, font, etc.).

Going to the Central Plaza is a bright and energetic experience. When you go to the mall, it’s not your intention to quickly shop online, but instead to have an experience. The typography blends together the energy and fun experienced when shopping while also modernizing the look. 

The bright colors reinforce the energy and life that is being breathed into the mall. We pulled the gold in the FISTA logo so the two brands have an obvious tie together. We paired the gold with a bright blue and a light red alluding to Lawton’s patriotic roots and bright opportunities. 

The three dots stand for the three main purposes of the mall: shopping, eating, and entertainment. These graphic elements are utilized throughout promotional materials and branding elements to reference these ideas.

How was the name Central Plaza decided upon?

The name ultimately stemmed from its original name – the Lawton Central Mall. Within rebranding and renovation efforts, the shopping center is being elevated as the Central Plaza. Our community leaders loved the idea of a plaza at the center of it all, an experience that brought together the imagery and feel of an open air community center with the excitement of S.T.E.M. and military exposure for growth and technology. Central Plaza is welcoming, warm, and a place people want to gather when hearing new ideas and sharing experiences. What’s at the center of it all? Central Plaza.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

This is just a tiny part of a massive multi-year plan to ensure Lawton, the Central Plaza and FISTA Innovation Park are a place where individuals come to be a part of something different. A place they can bring their families to grow and be exposed to the brightest minds in technology and innovation, schools with vibrant S.T.E.M opportunities – a chance to be the difference maker. We’re honored to be a part of this vision for Lawton.

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