The Freestyle Rebrand: A Creative Odyssey

While trying to create some sort of metaphor for the Freestyle rebrand, I kept drifting back to 80’s coming-of-age movies. A group of unlikely characters find themselves in a predicament of their own making, and they end up finding themselves through the process. It sounds corny, but that’s where six months of rebranding a company takes you. The most difficult part of rebranding isn’t trying to create something new. It’s 1.) personifying something you’re so close to that it’s nearly impossible to distance yourself to be objective and 2.) keeping yourself close enough to not forget the purpose behind what you’re doing. Freestyle Creative isn’t anything new—it’s what this team has been for a long time now—it just took a little soul searching to find it. We found is that each one of us is a brain… and an athlete… and a basket case… a princess… and a criminal… Ha, well maybe the Breakfast Club shouldn’t be quoted directly, but you get the point. Anyway, let me walk you through the Freestyle Creative rebrand!

Step One: Standing Out

Freestyle operates in an industry where standing out is an essential component to success. Take a quick look at our logo and it’s clear what stands out. A clean Helvetica font, cool blue with a slight gradient and the letters in “Freestyle” just barely connecting. We took what could be considered the cleanest letter of the bunch and knocked it forward. After getting some feedback from our clients and colleagues, the reactions seemed to run the spectrum, but the one thing that was consistent was the strong emotional reaction to the “l”. A little tilt on the “l” tells you more about our company than anything you can find on our website, videos or portfolio. The logo represents business first, but our innovation and forward-thinking mentality is what makes us stand out.

Step Two: Building Around the Brand

Once we finalized the logo, the strategy sessions stopped and the implementation began. We completely redesigned the front of our office (s/o to A-Line Designs), our website, began an aggressive PR campaign, new print material, and released a 10-part video series telling the story of our transition from Marketing + Films to Creative. 

Step Three: On the Seventh Day They Rested

Now that the rebrand is over, it’s time to celebrate. Freestyle Creative is hosting a rebrand launch party to kick off our new look. Join us as we host OKC Happy Hour on Friday, May 20 at 5:30 p.m. at the Freestyle offices on North Broadway off I-35 in Moore. We’re kicking off our new brand right with food trucks (Eskimo SnoBacon N’ Cakin’Czech Delights and The Healthy Hippo) and DJing by Nexus Productions Inc. We’ve worked really hard on this whole thing, and we’d like to celebrate it with you!

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