Harnessing the Power of Video to Sell a Home

Harnessing the Power of Video to Sell a Home

As a homebuilder, you can’t underestimate the importance of video in your marketing tactics.

Marketing has evolved away from the heavy reliance on the spec sheets. It’s essentially become an open line of communication between you and the people you’re trying to serve. Video offers a welcome new way to sell to consumers in a more visual and experiential way. 

There are several types of videos you can use for every marketing effort for your properties, from new construction to buyer testimonials. Here are some must-have videos you should consider to help capture leads and engage buyers.

The Listing Video

How can you make sure your listing stands out? A video is a surefire way to engage buyers and showcase the key features of the property in a visually compelling way. Listing videos are essential in real estate marketing. A good listing video tells a story and is extremely engaging. It connects with buyers on an emotional level and actually shows someone you can relate to. It also speaks to a certain lifestyle and how potential buyers can envision their life living there.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Location is a huge driver of home value, and a neighborhood video offers an opportunity to outline the home, the surrounding areas, and all of the conveniences offered. Every potential buyer is worried about a neighborhood’s security, infrastructure, and access to amenities. These videos offer a preview by visually taking the viewer around the neighborhood. This helps to excite viewers and establish an appealing connection with the surrounding area.

Under Construction Tours

It’s beneficial to show your potential buyers tours of the units being built. The video should show the floor plans, roofing, and other fixtures that will be in the home. This type of video also works well for Instagram Stories. Detailed information is right at the buyers’ fingertips.

Virtual Open House Tours

Everybody seems to do some version of a virtual house tour. However, not all virtual tours are equal. Yes, the tour should showcase the features, spaces, and fittings of the house. There are also great options for 3D virtual home tours. We recommend platforms like Matterport, The Future 3D and 360Pros, Potential buyers are able to go through every detail of the house like they are moving from room to room. A photo slideshow is not the same as a video virtual tour. A high-level interactive tour creates high engagement and makes it easy for you to reach as many people as possible without requiring them to view the house in person. Be sure to include a call-to-action in your videos to generate leads.

Take It From Me Testimonials

Testimonial videos can be your secret weapon. They can support your credibility and level of expertise while also strengthen your reputation by expressing the trust that other people have in your business. Past buyers and other professionals in the real estate arena can make solid candidates for your interviews. Testimonial videos let real buyers hear from other real buyers why the decision they’re about to make is a good one instead of “taking your word” for it. The end goal of these videos is to build trust. Testimonials are incredibly effective because they help create an emotional appeal.

Homebuyer 101

You can never underestimate the power of education. Short informative videos can include: mortgage tips, buying ABCs, researching a neighborhood, state and local assistance programs, hiring the right agent, sticking to a budget, etc. The topics are endless. Additionally, when you are offering solutions to buyers you can include your message as a homebuilder and include a sales promotion.

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