Josh Bivens Promoted to Director of Photography

Freestyle Creative is proud to announce the promotion of Josh Bivens to director of photography.

As the director of photography, Josh will work alongside Freestyle’s director of photography and video using the skills he developed in his previous roles as a camera operator and photographer to bring shots to life. Key responsibilities of his new position will include framing, adjusting focal lengths and creating lighting plans.

“I knew instantly that Josh was the perfect fit for this role. He has a keen eye for composition and an innate creative drive that brings a fresh and exciting direction to our work,” said Will Dickinson, director of photography and video.

Josh first joined Freestyle as an intern in 2015. After graduating from Oklahoma City University with a bachelor’s degree in film production, he reunited with the Freestyle team as a video producer in 2016. It was then that Josh pioneered the photography department at Freestyle, honing his photography skills through continued education and self-motivation. His talent and high-quality work led to the expansion of his department and a direct increase in sales of photography services.

“I live off the excitement that resonates through the film crew when seeing an image come together, and I love having a hand in crafting it. To be trusted with responsibility directly tied to this effort is both an honor and a personal goal in my career,” Josh said. “I owe so much to this team for what I have learned and the opportunity for growth as a shooter and a creative. I am looking forward to reaching for new heights with our projects in both video and photography.”

Congrats, Josh! Click here to learn more about our new director of photography.

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