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Oklahoma State University (OSU) Medical Center is the nation’s largest osteopathic teaching facility and hospital, located in Downtown Tulsa. The hospital partners with the OSU Center for Health Sciences to provide vital patient care to rural and urban Oklahoma communities through a network of 20 clinics called OSU Medicine. Previously, OSU Medicine’s primary care clinics’ online presence existed under the OSU Medical Center umbrella; all marketing for the clinics took place on the OSU Medical Center website and Facebook page. Due to the overlap in the hospital’s and its clinics’ marketing initiatives, there was much confusion among the stakeholders regarding what services each offered. OSU Medicine not only needed to set itself apart from OSU Medical Center, but it also needed to differentiate each of the individual clinics. 

OSU Medicine planned to open new clinics within the metro area in 2017 in an effort to better serve rural and urban communities. However, they needed to keep the newest clinics from competing with the existing clinics. In early 2017, OSU Medical Center asked Freestyle to help differentiate the OSU Medicine clinic network as its own brand, to assist in the grand openings of two new clinics and to increase the number of patients to other clinics. 

Our first goal was to grow awareness of the OSU Medicine brand. From the launch of the OSU Medicine Facebook page, we strove to gain at least 1,200 Facebook followers in the first three months so that the page would be seen as trustworthy. We exceeded our goal by 10%, gaining 1,320 followers in three months. In 2017, OSU Medicine gained 2,279 new page likes, 77% of which were a direct result of the page likes campaign. From our Facebook advertising campaigns in 2017, OSU Medicine’s website received a total of 7,602 clicks and there were 493,777 brand-aware individuals in the Tulsa area. After Google Analytics was installed on the OSU Medicine website, they saw a 6.8% increase in users in 2017 on the OSU Medicine and OSU Medical Center websites combined, as compared to users on OSU Medical Center’s website in 2016.

Our second goal was to increase the number of patients visiting clinics in the OSU Medicine network. In 2017, the OSU Medicine clinics saw an increase of 14.7% in total patients as compared to 2016. There was also an increase of 11.5% in new patients to those clinics.