Becca Leeseberg

Becca Leeseberg

Art Director

Becca has over 6 years of graphic design experience. She is an Oklahoma City native & Southern Nazarene graduate and is proud of how the city has grown and where it is continuing to go! Becca has worked with conferences, flower shops, parks, bakeries, churches, events and more. She has had a hand in several types of projects for her clients including print design, social media, branding, and digital marketing. Becca is passionate about design because it affects our everyday lives. Using creativity to help clients achieve their goals is what excites her the most! In her free time Becca loves spending time with her husband & dogs, being active, baking, cheering on the Thunder, and trying any new food and drinks! 

Fast Facts with Becca

+ You’re riding in a car with someone from the 1800s…what music do you queue up? 
We would probably have a Whitney Houston singalong hour. Her music breaks down all barriers.

+ What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence & why?
Cords. If everything in my life could be cordless then I’d be 100% happier.

+ If Oklahoma had to pick a state mythical creature, what should it be?
Probably a Centaur. Roams and protects the plains of Oklahoma.



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Becca Leeseberg