Jan Lewis

Jan Lewis

Project Manager

As the Project Manager at Freestyle Creative, Jan is an expert in project planning and execution, specializing in building out project workflows and automation. In her decade of agency experience, she has worked with 10+ organizations internationally, spearheading the implementation of entire project management systems and refining existing systems to increase operational efficiency. Having touched every aspect of the marketing process, she has developed an eclectic skill set that truly sets her apart from other project managers. 

Projects are not always straightforward, and that’s where Jan shines. Her ability to roll with the punches and think on her feet helps her find creative solutions to unique challenges. A consummate team player, she is always ready to jump in and help her team in any way, even if it’s just offering moral support by bringing coffee and snacks to a late-night work session.  

In addition to her Freestyle teammates, Jan also has a home office staff consisting of one “bark”eting strategist, four “cat”vertising executives, a teen YouTube and Twitch specialist, and a preteen self-proclaimed subject matter expert on absolutely everything.

Fast Facts with Jan

+ What is the weirdest flavor combo that you love & why does it taste so good?
Peanut butter, banana, and mayo sandwich. I ate it when I was pregnant, so it’s nostalgic for me.

+ What is something most people don’t know about you?
I used to be an opera singer.

+ What is the best place you’ve ever visited & why?
Basel, Switzerland. It’s this amazing small city with cobblestone streets. No cars are allowed in the city, and there are streetcars running everywhere.



Literally Everything
No Seriously