Princess Cervantes

Princess Cervantes

Vice President, Director of Operations

Princess serves as the director of operations at Freestyle Creative, handling all day-to-day operations and financials of the business. Princess found her way to Freestyle after starting her career as a video editor for KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City. Princess began as Freestyle’s office administrator and has since dabbled in finance, client relations, project management, video and social media. With knowledge of Freestyle’s creative capabilities combined with a strong attention to detail, she helps the team with quality control and client/internal projects as needed, while also maintaining all daily operations and financial aspects of the business.

Fast Facts with Princess

+ What is your favorite word & why? 
Conundrum and epiphany – I like the sound of these words and sometimes they’re the perfect words to describe some of the thoughts that go on in my brain.

+ What’s the best place you’ve ever visited & why?
Ah, I have so many favorite places, but if I can only describe one place, it would be Iceland. There’s just nothing like the fresh crisp air (and I mean that quite literally). Also, the northern lights are something I think everyone definitely needs to see in their lifetime.

+ What is the most ridiculous fact you know? 
Squirrels forget over half of the nuts they hide.

10+ Years

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