Top 10 Most Instagram Worthy Murals in OKC

Have you been too busy Pokemon hunting and now your Instagram is a sad and lonely place of memories past? Maybe it’s time to get camera ready, gas up your car, and go appreciate your city’s art through some mural hunting.

Here are our top 10 picks for the most Instagram worthy murals in Oklahoma City.

10. “Vibratory Messages Generated by Tethered Bees” on Western Avenue – Scott Henderson and Bennett Stookey

This lively painting of buzzing bees is one of a several murals on Western Avenue. Vintage table sets from the antique store it adorns can often be found beside it, which makes a perfect opportunity for a killer Instagram even better.

9. 9th St. Braid – Kris Kanaly, Dylan Bradway and Yatika Fields

Be sure to make a stop here while exploring historic Automobile Alley. Schedule some time though. There are so many textures and layers to this piece that it may take you a while to decide what is the best angle.

8. “Oklahoma Aiukli” on Western Avenue – Erin Cooper, Amanda Bradway, and Lauren Miller

This beautiful and enormous mural is a crowd favorite on Western Avenue. Throw on some shades and kick back with the piece’s main subject for an effortlessly cool Insta.

7. Oklahoma City mural on Denton’s Picture Framing & Supplies at 3114 N. Classen Blvd.

Show your love for OKC with this Okie take on the classic postcard style. Afterward, go on a scavenger hunt for all of the beloved Oklahoma City landmarks featured in the mural.

6. Steven Adams on The Paramount on Film Row – Graham Hoete

What better way to show your Thunder Pride than being dwarfed by a massive mural of everyone’s favorite Kiwi?

5. “Mothman” in the Plaza District on NW 16th and Indiana – Rick Sinnett

You’ll look super hip against this massive monochromatic mural. Bonus points if you’re grubbing on some homegrown eats or wearing some new local threads from nearby Plaza District vendors.

4. “The Nature of Things” on Western Avenue – Kris Kanaly, Dustin Gilpin, and Jerrod Smith

This vivacious mural is bursting with colors and interesting patterns that will surely make the likes skyrocket. Make sure to add it to your itinerary of must sees on Western Avenue.

3. “Keep Oklahoma Friendly” at The Bleu Garten – Dustin Gilpin

Remind your followers what makes this state so great with this mural while out with some pals at Bleu Garten. Don’t forget to tag your best friend in your post, Devon Tower, which peeps over the horizon.

2. The Womb on 9th St. – Maya Hayuk

The infamous art gallery founded by The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne basically begs every passerby to snap a pic. It’s a perfect way to bring a party to your followers’ timelines and to liven up your Insta-game.

1. “Cultivation” in Bricktown underpass at S. EK Gaylord Blvd and W. Reno Avenue – Jason Pawley

Get artsy while perusing Bricktown! The architecture of the underpass combined with the gorgeous colors of this immense mural makes for plenty of interesting pictures. Caution: Pay attention to traffic while you’re trying to get the perfect shot!

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