Tourism Marketing During a Pandemic

Tourism Marketing During a Pandemic

Create New Marketing Goals

Evaluate your message and your goals. Because they have likely changed due to the pandemic and will need to be adjusted to fit the current times. Newsletters, ads, social media posts, etc. will all need to be updated. It might be beneficial to keep copies of your pre-pandemic materials to use later down the road. Meeting with the client to establish new goals will help you start on the right path.

Some things to keep in mind when you are updating your marketing goals:

  • Update timelines
  • Increase your digital presence
  • Refresh messaging
  • Show compassion with messaging or posts
  • Geo-location

Be Responsible

Be mindful of messaging, images, and tone of voice. Acknowledge the situation at hand and address it accordingly. Messaging can still have a positive mindset, but it is crucial to avoid being insensitive. It might help to have some team members put their eyes on content to ensure everyone agrees with your brand’s tone and message.

Focus on Local and Leisure

With travel at a pause, most people will focus on destinations near them. They will look for those hidden gems. Most people will also want to have the option to cancel in the event they got sick orwere exposed to someone with COVID, so it’s essential to keep that in mind. This is a great opportunity to focus on tourism, especially places where people can social distance. Nature parks, recreational areas, and outdoor activities are great options to focus on. With everyone locked up at home, people are itching to get outside. People will also look to have a “stay-cation”. A staycation is exactly what it sounds like; a vacation where you stay at or around your home. A change of scenery is always nice and staycations are easy to plan. Not to mention they help bring revenue to your local economy.

Prepare for Next Steps

With an ever-changing environment, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected. Constantly monitor campaigns and messaging. Be prepared to pivot again and realign goals. No matter how long the pandemic lasts, it is important to be flexible. Focus on branding (vs. sales/conversions) during this time. Many people have not experienced something like this before, so it is important to learn with the changing times. Now is a good time to keep your brand’s online presence high, since many people are at home using different forms of social media. 

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