A Word from Our CEO: Vahid’s Top 5 Ingredients for Life

Our CEO and founder, Vahid Farzaneh, is captain of the Freestyle ship. As a young OU graduate, he started Freestyle Creative in an effort to combine his knack for innovation, creative ideas, and serving the community he loves through digital communication. Today, Vahid has been repeatedly recognized in the industry as a successful, young entrepreneur, and now he has shared with us some of his most vital tips for not only the business world, but for living your best life.

According to Vahid, life is all about your “most valuable assets,” and more importantly, how you use them. In order of importance, let’s break these down.


“Everyone is running out of time. That’s the one thing you can never increase!” People sacrifice time in exchange for a lot of things, but most notably for money. Think about how we spend most of our days – we give up a large portion of each day to make a living. When looking back on one’s life, in the face of illness or a similar situation, we would give anything for more time, but we are so willing to give it up on a regular basis. Time is the most valuable possession we have, so it’s vital to remember to spend it wisely! Vahid says that valuing another person’s time is just as important as valuing your own. Work-life balance is also one of his top priorities, which is evident in Freestyle’s culture.


Vahid calls knowledge your “capacity for power.” Even if you are 10+ years into your industry, there is always something new to learn. Particularly in the field of advertising and marketing, the landscape is always changing and new updates are popping up left and right, so you have to stay relevant. Those who stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the newest trends, skills, and knowledge are at a much higher advantage than those who remain stagnant. Valuable knowledge also comes in less glamorous ways, like staying up to date on legal parameters, regulations, and media law. These can all be useful in situations down the road.

Networks and Relationships

“Your net worth is reflective of your network,” Vahid likes to say. You can never underestimate the power of the network that surrounds you. Outside of your personal and corporate relationships, building professional connections can make or break your ability to acquire new business and establish a reputation in your industry. Attending events, meeting new people, or even taking up a colleague’s offer to have lunch can turn into a huge opportunity. You never know who you will meet!


In order for a company to be successful and meet its goals, it has to be surrounded by like-minded, hard-working individuals who will propel the business forward. You can’t be a great company without great people, right? The people make a company who it is. Therefore, a surefire team full of motivation and drive is the key to building success. At Freestyle, Vahid focuses on cultivating a work environment where everyone is free to collaborate and build each other up. He strives to make it a place where people want to come to work! The happier your team is, the more cohesive your company will be.


We all know how important money is to this world. Without at least some of it, it’s hard to survive in the business world and otherwise. At its base, money affords us necessities like food, clothes, shelter, and health. In terms of economic success and entrepreneurship, logistically, it’s what can get you off the ground. However, having money, or even having lots of it, isn’t always as important as how you use it. Vahid stresses that although more money can bring more opportunities, starting small can yield the most exponential growth. It’s all about making thoughtful, intelligent financial decisions – especially in the beginning.

For more information on Vahid, check out his bio!

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