Our Community, Stronger

Our Community, Stronger

campaign development for Norman Regional Health System

Healthcare and the healthcare system have become increasingly more visible over the past few years. With health being top of mind for community members, Norman Regional Health System (NRHS) set its sights on elevating its marketing efforts. NRHS’s initiative is focused on increasing awareness of Primary Care services, its Centers of Excellence, and its initiative to make the Norman area the healthiest community in the state. Through research and discovery, Freestyle partnered with NRHS to develop the “Our Community, Stronger” campaign.

Situational Analysis
Norman Regional Health System has quickly become one of the most accredited health systems in the state. This combined with the prevalence of healthcare in everyday life, NRHS presented the following high-level request for service:
• Marketing strategy and campaign development
• Creative marketing development
• Media buying
• Performance tracking and measuring
Starting with research, we spoke to various members of their team to learn more about their goals, processes, services, and the benefits of having a primary care provider. From there we took our research directly to community members who could benefit from having a primary care provider. Our approach to learning more provided a strong foundation to develop a comprehensive plan and strategy for this campaign. Our ultimate goal for the campaign: increase market share.

From our research, we developed a variety of personas whose health would most benefit from NRHS’s services. Our personas range in age, demographics, life instances, motivations, and more. Knowing that each individual has specific healthcare needs, the target audiences were carefully crafted. These sample biographies led Freestyle to develop messaging that would efficiently identify the motivations for patients seeking Primary Care services and/or specialty services through the NRHS Centers of Excellence.

Our campaigns’ first-year results are promising: we have increased Google Ads conversions by 296%, dropped our cost per conversion by 49%, saw an 81% video completion rate, and improved our qualified leads overall.