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Video +
Photography Services

Storytelling. It’s our expertise. Our comprehensive approach uses video and photography to form emotional connections with your audience through the power of visual communication. From concepting and pre-production to editing, our video and photography process is flexible with the needs of our clients coming first.

Video Production

From storyboarding to the final product, our in-house videographers and editors work with you to cultivate emotion and build meaningful and lasting connections. With strong ties to the Oklahoma film community, our video production team is skilled in producing videos of all styles for all platforms.


Great photography catches you off guard, gripping your emotions using no sound or movement. Our passionate, professional photography team does more than shoot photos; they are capturing the true personality and story of your brand.

Pre-production is the most essential element for great video and photography production. What you do not plan for in pre-production affects production, and what you do not do in production affects post-production. Although you cannot predict every potential scenario, creative thinking before the shoot day will help you solve problems on the day of.

Frequently asked questions about video and photography

How can photography help my business?

Professional photography adds another dimension to your business or brand because it can reach your audience in ways that words can’t. With professional photography, you don’t just create an image–you create an atmosphere.


  • Show your brand in different ways and in different settings
  • Generate interest from potential customers
  • Capture your company out in the world
  • Encourage people to connect and identify with you

Use photos to:

  • Promote brand awareness
  • Improve your credibility
  • Increase engagement
What is needed for a photo or video session?

When it comes to successful business photography or video, it’s the details that make the difference. 

At Freestyle, we’ve mastered the creative process of producing great imagery, whether it’s professional photography, cinema-quality film, or seamless videography. Here’s what goes into it:

Pre-production. This is when we do the planning and coordinating to make sure your session goes off without a hitch, including:

  • Developing your strategy, vision, and goals
  • Discussing your budget, scope, and project timeline
  • Identifying the production team and equipment needs

We’ll also help select your story, create a script, and scout locations. You bring the stakeholders, and we’ll bring the rest.

Production. Here’s where we capture the raw imagery or video elements. We’ll set up all of the necessary lighting, sound, and video equipment before recording voiceovers, conducting interviews, and capturing extra footage to support your story.

Post-production. Post-production is all about editing, fine-tuning, and perfecting. We’ll make sure everything goes through every necessary review and approval before delivering your final product.

What is the best way to use photography and video in marketing?

Visual elements garner nearly 1.5 times the amount of engagement as text-only content, but only if they’re used the right way.

Make the most of professional photographs by:

  • Optimizing them for the media they’re posted on so they download correctly
  • Using them to convey core attributes of your brand, service, or product at a glance
  • Giving potential customers a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse of your brand
  • Creating an emotional connection with them using authentic images

Short, compelling videos on your website or social media platforms engage users longer than text or static images alone and can boost your search engine rankings dramatically. Add them to your landing pages and you could see double-digit increases in your conversion rate.

What makes a good marketing video?

Video marketing is essential—but what makes it effective? Here’s what will help your marketing video reach maximum impact.

1.      It’s optimized for search.

2.      It keeps viewers engaged.

3.      It focuses on storylines, not sales pitches.

4.      It makes the most of the opening seconds.

5.      It’s got the backing of other collaborators or influencers.

6.      It targets relevant audiences.

7.      It tells your story just as effectively with sound as without.
8.      It includes a call-to-action.

Can you make videos for social media?

While videos for social media follow many of the same tenets of more traditional video, they aren’t one-size-fits-all; they need to be optimized for the platform they’ll be on. Videos for platforms other than Facebook or YouTube should be short, punchy, and shareable, and they should be uploaded organically via the platform, as opposed to embedded.

How much does a video or photo shoot cost in OKC?

The cost of a professional video or photo shoot in OKC for marketing purposes can vary greatly. Some factors that affect the cost of a shoot are:

  • What other aspects of the process are included in the price? Does it include post-production and professional editing? Does it include pre-production support and guidance?
  • What type of video or photographs are you looking to produce? Will you need to conduct interviews or collect testimonials? Will you need to hire models or actors?
  • How long of a video do you want? A two- to three-minute video or a 30-second teaser?
  • What type of photographic images do you want? Do you only need that one perfect shot, or are you wanting several options?
  • Where is the session happening? In one place or over several locations?

When deciding how much you can or want to spend on a marketing video or photo shoot, it’s also worth considering more than the dollar amount. What is your ultimate goal for this content? What kind of ROI or increased engagement are you hoping to accomplish with this? What will the quality of the final product be?

At Freestyle, we value your marketing budget as much as you do, and we know how to help you make the most of those dollars without sacrificing quality. We have experience working with businesses–and budgets–of all sizes and we’d love to help create the perfect solution for your video or photography needs.

What types of marketing videos are there?

The possibilities for video marketing are nearly limitless. Make sure you’re using the right types at the right time and in the right places to keep your customers moving through their journey.

Some of the most common types of marketing videos are:

Product or product demo videos serve as a “hands-on” way for your audience to experience a product, helping the consumer imagine themselves using and benefitting from the product.

Testimonial videos take your brand and place it in a satisfied customer’s story, improving your credibility and your customers’ confidence.

Explainer videos deliver a lot of information in just a few minutes and in a way that is easily digestible for your audience.


Company or brand story videos humanize your brand or company, giving your audience a chance to connect with you.