Video + Photography Services

Video +

Storytelling. It’s our expertise. Our comprehensive approach uses video and photography to form emotional connections with your audience through the power of visual communication. From concepting and pre-production to editing, our process is flexible with the needs of our clients coming first.

Video Production

From storyboarding to the final product, our in-house videographers and editors work with you to cultivate emotion and build meaningful and lasting connections. With strong ties to the Oklahoma film community, we are skilled in producing videos of all styles for all platforms.

Film Studio

Our cinema quality RED camera with 6K resolution produces high-quality results, giving you the edge to surpass your competition. A fully-functioning studio equipped with green screen and white and black cycloramas is available for you to utilize. Shooting in our office results in fewer bloopers when we control the environment instead of Mother Nature.


Great photography catches you off guard, gripping your emotions using no sound or movement. Our passionate photography team does more than shoot photos; they are capturing the true personality and story of your brand.

Pre-production is the most essential element for great video and photography production. What you do not plan for in pre-production affects production, and what you do not do in production affects post-production. Although you cannot predict every potential scenario, creative thinking before the shoot day will help you solve problems on the day of.
Deb Livingston
Director of Video Production,
Freestyle Creative