Strategy + Research Services

Strategy +

Freestyle utilizes strategy and research services to develop comprehensive marketing plans. We begin by mapping out goals, objectives, key performance indicators, and discussing formative research needs. As we develop a comprehensive marketing plan for our clients, we strive for an approach that ideally makes use of owned, paid, earned and shared media.

Primary Research

Our customized research is conducted through surveys and focus groups to delve deeper into target audiences’ perceptions, motivations, preferences and behaviors.

Competitive Analysis

Through competitive analysis, we compare strategies side-by-side and utilize this data to put our clients ahead of their competition.

Marketing Plan

Freestyle develops a comprehensive marketing strategy, recommended services or tactics, and objective media recommendation based on research.

Prior to beginning our projects, they took the time to research the history, culture, and organizational structure of the Chickasaw Nation. The Freestyle Team worked closely with us to ensure that our project was exactly what we wanted and were willing to make any changes we requested. They are very understanding and attentive to our needs and grant requirements.
Miranda Willis
Accreditation Coordinator, Research and Public Health, 
Chickasaw Nation Department of Health