Take Time

Take Time

campaign development for the Oklahoma State Department of Health

Freestyle Creative has been fortunate to partner with the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Injury Prevention Service to raise awareness about empathy and ways Oklahomans can build connections in their community. 

Situational Analysis
The Oklahoma State Department of Health – Injury Prevention Service tasked Freestyle Creative to launch a campaign that builds empathy amongst Oklahomans and strengthens the feeling of connectedness in their communities. Understanding empathy helps to further initiate conversations between individuals who may need support in difficult situations. 

We understood that to build empathy and help inspire positive actions, we needed to first inform what empathy means. With this in mind, we developed three main goals:
+ Define empathy and create awareness of connectedness to help reduce stigmas.
+ Showcase how empathy and connectedness improve social norms. 
+ Create brand awareness of resources available to better help others in difficult situations.

The ‘Take Time’ campaign officially launched in April 2023. In just two months, we have received over 900,000 impressions through social media advertisements with over 8,000 clicks to the landing page. 

Through other digital placements, we have achieved roughly four million impressions with an additional 8,000 clicks to the landing page. Our video completion rate is at an impressive 83.64%.

The TakeTimeOK.com landing page has served as a prime resource for visitors with over 19,400 pageviews. 

Through true collaboration and strategic planning, our team is seeing promising results early in the ‘Take Time’ campaign. As we continue to drive the OSDH – Injury Prevention Service’s mission forward, we are on track to exceed the client’s expectations and evoke a positive social change for our fellow Oklahomans.