Andrew Kelly

Andrew Kelly

Video Assistant

As Video Associate, Andrew brings his experience in various aspects of video production from working in long and short-form client work within the OKC and Norman sphere to Freestyle, and has found the most fulfillment when working within advertisement, creating attention-grabbing content that brings clients’ visions to life. He is currently finishing a degree in Creative Media Production at the University of Oklahoma where he has worked alongside the University’s in-house production agency and been able to specialize in video editing and cinematography. In his free time, Andrew can be found volunteering at Second Wind Non-Profit Coffeehouse, frequenting local live music venues, or spending too much money on records.

Fast Facts with Andrew

+ What’s the best place you’ve ever visited & why?
San Francisco! I traveled with a documentary team over the summer to film wetland and wildlife restoration for the US Army Corps of Engineers and fell in love with that area!

+ What’s your favorite secret spot in OKC?
It’s not really a secret spot but I love Peret’s Coffee & Dessert Bar, they always have some sort of cool event happening and the atmosphere feels very New York which I love.

+ What makes you look up to your heroes?
Their ability to help others succeed and bring people up with them. All my heroes are selfless and value assisting others and I hope I can be that for someone one day.

+ If Oklahoma had to pick a state mythical creature, what should it be?
The OU Squirrels for sure.

+ What Inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence and why?
Metal chopsticks, locks that require keys instead of like a keypad, hey dude shoes, shoulder pads in mens coats, that wall art of the black and white photo of the longhorn, hard drives that are not solid state drives, and chevron. All of these have caused me stress at one point or another and I want them gone! <3



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