Creative Days to Charge Your Team

Creative Days to Charge Your Team

Being a creative director is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. It’s dope – I have a crazy talented team and all I can think about most days is what kind of projects they want to work on and how I can make them happen. One mission I had coming into this role was to have Creative Days.  

As creators, we get so stuck in the daily tasks – the constant grind of each project – that it can be difficult to find the time to truly create, explore and have FUN. Sometimes you have to fail! You have to break things and see how it looks when you try to put it back together! Creative Days are my way of trying to ensure we save those moments.

For our Photography Creative Day, we played with different props, gels and lighting techniques for portraits. We pushed our intern Karyn to see what focus, lighting, and color she thought would be impactful. All I knew going into that day is that I wanted to use an orange peel and Josh did the damn thing. We had him lay under a mounted camera, we placed orange peels in his hair and it turned out AWESOME. Who would have thought orange peels could add so much to an image (and of course his naturally windswept hair). The orange peel images look like an album cover or ad for a new fragrance or hair product. Spectacular. Karyn had seen a technique with string – lights she wanted to attempt. We decided, in addition, she needed to be lit intensely with vibrant fuchsia and blue. Karyn has camera-ready makeup and the images we captured of her have probably made her Instagram famous. This perfect creature let me put confetti in her long, long, loooooong hair (probably still finding confetti to this day). She’s amazing.

Creative day was a massive success; we felt renewed and revitalized and ready for the next project. Stay tuned for more Creative Day content and let me know how you keep yourself and your teams inspired!

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