Why I’m Fond of Freestyle

Before taking on my final semester of college, I knew I needed something worthwhile to occupy my time since I would only be enrolled in six credit hours. I searched for an internship so I could gain some new skills before permanently entering the workforce.

When I came across the Freestyle internship application, I knew that’s where I wanted to learn and grow. I was initially drawn to Freestyle because I admired the video production and branding services. During my interview, I knew Freestyle and I were a perfect culture match. When I received the offer, I accepted the position immediately!

I was confident I would learn hard skills during my time at Freestyle, but the most important lesson I’ve taken away is the importance of culture. Here are the three things I have loved most about the culture at Freestyle Creative:

  1. The CEO and President are Approachable: Vahid Farzaneh and Kelley Gann have been friendly and conversational since my first day. They’ve willingly helped me network and have always been interested in my hobbies and post-graduation plans. As an intern, it’s rare and very beneficial to interact with a CEO and president. Thanks for being awesome, Vahid and Kelley!
  1. Freestyle Genuinely Celebrates Employee Accomplishments: Whenever a Freestyler makes an achievement, receives an award or is promoted, we celebrate (which usually includes dessert)! Freestylers authentically congratulate each other, which is telling of the individuals Freestyle hires.
  1. Freestyle Values Relationships: The people of Freestyle cherish relationships with clients, industry professionals, our own team, and even the staff at restaurants we frequently dine at. It’s clear Vahid and Kelley have instilled a culture that promotes authentic relationships. They are constantly networking and encouraging employees to do the same. Frequent team lunches and an internal Party Planning Committee give employees plenty of opportunities to strengthen relationships and enjoy each other’s company aside from work.

Thank you to every Freestyler who has made my internship an enjoyable success. The culture here is admirable, and I will always be appreciative of my Freestyle experience!

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