The People of Freestyle

Freestyle Creative is a full-service advertising agency in Moore, OK that showcases their talent through their work. Freestyle is a team of thinkers, doers, creators and innovators. Every agency showcases its talent through a portfolio, but this blog serves as a spectacle into the lives of the people behind the creative madness that goes on here every day. The people from different places with different backgrounds that make up one powerful, passionate team: The People of Freestyle.

Account Team

Alexis Tramell

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Alexis lives by this quote. During the week, she tackles her duties as an Account Executive, planning her tasks and to-dos in her bright red Moleskine planner. She has loved getting the opportunity to work in this industry because she always longed for a fast-paced job where she is exposed to something new every day. But on the weekend, the to-dos of her planner are an endless list of future adventures. If you want to get great insight into her zest for life and venturous spirit, check out her Instagram (@araytram). Every weekend is the chance for a new place and activity.

Although checking things off her to-do list is a mighty feeling, Freestyle has taught Alexis that she can indeed do anything, but she cannot do everything. She is a part of a team she describes as “In Omnia Paratus,” which means “prepared for anything”. (She’s all about those Gilmore Girls references). Alexis is passionate, resourceful and has a contagious can-do attitude in all that she does.

Maddie Relyea

Maddie, otherwise known as Mads Rel, is one of our Digital Marketing Strategists here at Freestyle. She thrives in the advertising industry because it is always changing and never boring; there is always something new she can learn. Maddie loves the youthfulness and energy of the Freestyle team and appreciates that no day at the office is ever the same. She contributes to the Freestyle culture with her enthusiastic attitude that pushes her to get projects done efficiently. Maddie is fueled by the aspect of beginnings; she’s most inspired in the mornings, on Mondays and at the start of a new year. She is a detail-oriented creative thinker with a love for words (which she avidly conveys by playing Words with Friends). Maddie lives each day believing that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, which is showcased through her eagerness to try new things. Another fun fact? This girl has never tried a pickle before. I’ll take that as a challenge accepted.

Rebecca Dill

When I first read Rebecca’s survey for this blog, it was apparent that there was a huge burden that she’s been carrying around for months. I have chalked it up as the most important thing to include into her personality profile. In her own words, consider her favorite memory with the Freestyle team:

“I submitted a request for services on the Freestyle website under a fake name (Leonard France) and business (Right Meow Productions) for my fake film about cats. Leonard stated that he had been given Freestyle’s name after reaching out to another local advertising agency. After submitting the form and chuckling softly in my cubicle, a few weeks passed and I never heard a peep about it. So, being the business woman (or would it be man in this case) that I am, Leonard France submitted another request to Freestyle threatening to leave a bad Google review if there was no response to his genius film concept/
The results were immediate. Matt, our Director of Marketing, suspected everyone in the office EXCEPT ME. This was a glorious day for me, really. Because of this blog post, “the cat’s out of the bag” (ba-da-tssss) and my conscience is clear.”

In addition to pranking her co-workers, Rebecca has mad piano skills, is newly engaged and has accepted that her Instagram account is being taken over by her pup, Biscuit. Rebecca grew up in a farming community in southwest Oklahoma. She describes Freestyle as a family, a collection of different people with different tastes, personalities and goals.  She considers Freestyle to be more than just a staff because people care about you, your success and about learning how to function together as a unique group of people. She loves to work on projects that explore her creative side and is considering coining the term “Netflix and Craft.”

Katie Carter

Let me hear you say “Hey, Ms. Carter!” It’s only fitting to give this gal a proper Beyoncé welcome. Katie joined the Freestyle team this year as an Account Lead. She was inclined to work in this industry because of the opportunities to help people grow their businesses; she places great value on helping people who have invested so much time into their passions. Katie is an avid local shopper who will be marrying her best friend, Jonathan Rogers, this upcoming July. “Hustle” is the one word she would use to describe Freestyle because it is one of the company’s core values and is exemplified by the team on a daily basis.

Even though she is a new hire, she is just as Freestyle fierce as Beyoncé in the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Fun fact? Yeah, I’ll tell you. She goes by Katie, even though her name is Kaitlyn. Her last name is Carter, but soon it will be Rogers because guess what… Yes, he put a ring on it. She thinks that being resourceful is a skill everyone should possess, which shows in her love of cooking and exploring new foods. We’re excited to have you on the team! Team dinner at your house?

Christina Newcomb

Christina, originally from Reno, Nevada, made her move to Norman to attend the University of Oklahoma.  She brings her hobbies and interests from the west coast such as climbing, hiking and hammocking. She will always consider herself a mountain gal, but has loved her experience that the Midwest.

“I’ve learned a lot about being pushed outside your comfort zone during my time here.”

She loves to explore the local area, but never gets too comfortable with her surroundings because of her propensity to be always on-the-go, delving into new places and things.  Also, she has an interesting obsession with Abraham Lincoln, celebrating his birthday every year.

Christina loves this industry because it’s the perfect intersection between using creativity and your interpersonal skills to produce one common goal among multiple parties. You can most likely find her at Michelangelo’s in Norman with a cup of coffee in hand on any given weekday. She feels most inspired when she has caffeine in her system or when she is goofing around with her roommates. However, the only way she can accomplish things is described through her favorite Parks and Recreation quote from Leslie Knope, “There’s nothing we can’t do if we work hard, never sleep and shirk all other responsibilities in our lives.” Christina has enjoyed growing and developing at Freestyle within the field that intrigues her.

Executive Team

Matt Farley

Matt is the Director of Marketing and Creative Director at Freestyle. He is an avid Pokémon Go player, foodie, beer snob, and Netflix watcher, and he enjoys writing and telling jokes. To him, your next idea is always your best idea. A problem-solver by nature, Matt can maintain and develop these skills by working in such a dynamic industry. He considers creativity as making art out of anything and gets super fired up when approaching deadlines. The positive company culture at Freestyle fuels his ambitions, and he loves being able to work every day alongside other talented, hardworking team members. One of his favorite days on the job involved the team jumping into Lake Murray after filming an awesome commercial.

Vahid Farzaneh

Vahid is our Founder and CEO who works around the clock. When he is not working, he is probably networking – or sleeping. This is a great look into his dynamic communication skills and commitment to develop Freestyle as a company and team. He feels most inspired when he is with his co-workers and appreciates the team for teaching him always to think outside the box.

Vahid is a natural introvert, although everyone on the team would probably disagree with him on the basis of his people skills and networking expertise. He aims to establish connections within the local community and around Oklahoma, a place that he has grown up loving. He considers his greatest achievement to be building Freestyle from the ground up and takes pride in the company’s unique and fun work culture.

Kelley Gann

Kelley is Freestyle’s President and has been here to see Freestyle grow and develop over the past several years. She grew up loving painting and the arts and knew she would be happiest working in a creative field. She recalls the first time she walked through Freestyle’s doors to drop off her portfolio; she remembers seeing a video shoot going on in the studio and ringing the bell at the front of the office. She left her portfolio and resume with a sticky note on the front lobby desk. A day later, Vahid brought her in for an interview and the rest is history.

There was a period of time when it was just Kelley and Vahid, when Freestyle was primarily a video production company. Kelley ran with a vision of Freestyle’s potential, working to expand the marketing department. With many sacrifices and dramatic growth, it has become a full-service advertising agency with an amazing team.

Motivated and hardworking, Kelley always says yes to new challenges. This year she served as the 2017 American Advertising Awards Chair, putting on a successful award show for the Oklahoma advertising community. In addition to working hard, she also knows when to take a step back and relax. Kelley loves going on walks and shooting hoops with her husband and brother. You better watch out, I’ve heard she’s a triple threat. She has a pretty good arm and can beat anyone at knock-out! When she isn’t on the court, she is beside it, cheering on her favorite team: the Thunder.

Princess Mangiliman

Princess is Freestyle’s Director of Operations. She makes sure Freestyle runs smoothly through all day-to-day operations. She consistently helps Freestyle grow and loves working on something different every day. She originally began working in this industry because she wanted to work in a creative environment and interact behind-the-scenes starting her career in video production. She was interested in discovering how films are made.

Princess has an amazing creative side. She considers traveling as a form of creativity because it enables an individual to adapt to their surroundings and to see life from local people’s perspectives. She has been to 11 countries and 17 states so far and has collected amazing trinkets along the way- some of which you’ll see in her photo.

Creative Team

Rob Johnson

Rob is Freestyle Creative’s video producer and just celebrated his one-year workiversary. Congrats Rob! He began his journey in the marketing industry to get out of the movie grind, yet still apply his film and video passions. He is not only talented behind the camera, but also has a wide array of interests and talents. He writes and records music and enjoys screenwriting. He has competed and medaled in Judo tournaments and is probably the only video producer that is certified by NASA to handle space rocks such as lunar rocks, Mars rocks, meteorites, etc. Yes, you heard it here folks. Rob was an astrophysics major before getting into film, something he also considers to be the hardest thing he has ever done.

Rob describes the Freestyle team as a “force.” Freestyle has taught him how to work in an environment with so many creative people and he values the opportunity to come to work every day to do what he loves.

Kyree Williams

Kyree is Freestyle’s lead web developer, coming from curious beginnings. During his freshman year of college, he completed a novel and self-published it. He wanted an author site, but didn’t want to pay someone to do it. Many YouTube videos later, he built the site himself. That site may be long gone now, but through that process he discovered a new skillset.

Kyree has a 13-year-old toy rat terrier named Popeye, who is just as energetic as he is. He enjoys spending time sketching car designs, future home designs or just random objects. He is also trained in the art of calligraphy. However, he recently misplaced those expensive pens… You let us know when you find those, Kyree!

Josh Bivens

Josh is both a photographer and videographer at Freestyle. His desire to work in this industry sparked when he went to film school. He got his start in a lot of one-person freelance jobs and video departments that consisted of a desk and a cabinet of video gear. He soon realized that his independent lifestyle and work environment were not aligning with the persistent zeal that he felt on student film sets. Without a team challenging and supporting him, the potential for improvement was minimal.

“You’re hired” is the phrase that Josh considers the most impactful words that he has heard throughout his time at Freestyle. After hearing the word “team” at least 50 times in his first week, he quickly fell in love with Freestyle’s culture. In his own words, “every day at Freestyle is its own little odyssey of learning.” He thrives on team projects, active feedback, brainstorm sessions, and the dynamic and jovial atmosphere. Josh has learned that collaboration is not only a highway of improving the content he produces, but also an important fuel for personal growth.

He keeps his creative juices flowing by rearranging his furniture every few months, making sure to keep that feng shui fresh. Whenever Josh is redecorating or organizing, you can usually catch him singing, a hobby that not many people are aware of. “Any karaoke bar is my arena,” Josh claims. Maybe we can get a little karaoke snack before our status meeting next week?

Kiley Mathews

“If I started a side business, I’m not sure what it would be, but it would definitely involve close-up magic.” Kiley is Freestyle’s art director and has the unique ability to recall every quote from The Office, a skill that she thinks every person should possess. Outside of the office, you can catch Kiley running or crafting. Inside the office, you’ll catch her listening to the same Netflix shows over and over.

When asked what the hardest thing she has ever done at Freestyle was, she stated that she is, “embracing that sometimes in this job you need to add a drop shadow.” She has loved working with Freestyle because she has gotten the opportunity to work with a variety of companies and projects, whether that includes a drop shadow or not.

In the photo, you’ll see Kiley and her pup, Tucker. Tucker is a 3-year-old rescue golden doodle with the soul of an 80-year-old man.  He spends his days lounging, snacking and napping. Tuck frequently gets mistaken for Falkor from “The Never-Ending Story.” When inspiration strikes, he can be found in the backyard chasing squirrels or rolling around in the dirt right after a bath.

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