Freestyle Farewell

As I look around my workspace, I notice the soft coffee stain on the place where my cup always meets the desk. I also gaze at the sentimental pictures, that started out just with friends and grew to include the Freestyle team. It’s been a year of growth and opportunity, a year that seemed to go faster than the others. As my collegiate chapter comes to a close, so does my time at Freestyle.

Where did it all begin?

I started my social media internship at Freestyle Creative in the summer of 2016 with my favorite friendtern, Maddie Relyea. I relied heavily on my quirky, outgoing personality to make up for my mediocre copywriting and graphic design skills. To put it nicely, I was in the beginnings of discovering my true potential. It is because of the Freestyle team that I gained a competitive skillset to move forward in the advertising industry.

The Freestyle Team

During the fall 2016, I was promoted to a digital marketing strategist. Although I carried a different title, with more responsibilities, the Freestyle team continually fostered an environment that challenged me and developed my strengths. After my promotion, I worked on social media campaigns, Google AdWords and more, but this didn’t stop me from filling up Matt, the director of marketing, cup with coffee every so often. His reaction was 100% worth it and so were his quick-witted, stereotypical intern jokes. With a couple push-kicks, I would roll my chair over to Kiley’s desk, Freestyle’s art director, who helped me refine my design skills with patience and encouragement.

Slack (our internal communication channel) became my best friend because I could easily message Alexis and Rebecca, our account executives, eagerly asking them writing and grammatical questions. They continually extended grace whenever I used an unhealthy amount of GIFs. I will fondly remember Rob’s brilliant antics during meetings, Josh’s contagious creativity and Vahid’s master networking skills. Kelley is a perfect example of where I hope to be in the future because of her passion and work ethic. While we’re at it, Princess should win “Superwoman of the Year” because she was always there to help with anything and everything. And I can’t forget about Katie and Kyree, who have hopped on board and have been such an amazing pleasure to work with. Katie is always there to offer help and Kyree has saved me from our server on multiple occasions.

What’s next?

Freestyle has set a high standard for my professional work experience. Each team member fostered a creative and encouraging environment that allowed me to become more motivated at work and in my classes at OU. They have helped me realize my value through their core values- Hustle, Evolve, Autonomy, Respect and Team. There is a deeper meaning to Freestyle’s brand with intentional, creative individuals behind it. It has been a pleasure to be part of this team for over the past year and it is a bittersweet farewell. Although the next chapter is still unclear I hope to find myself in a company that is a reflection of everything I admire here in Oklahoma.

What about you?

If you’re looking for a place that prioritizes team and focuses on your strengths- get to know this company.

Thank you, Freestyle.


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